Tire & Wheel Cleaning Brush - AutoRenu
Tire & Wheel Cleaning Brush - AutoRenu

Tire & Wheel Cleaning Brush

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Mixture of soft and dense bristles aid in removal of brake dust, mud, and grime, ensuring your wheels look their best. This brush features specially designed bristles that penetrate deep into the tire treads and wheel crevices.

  • 9” Length Short Handle Hybrid Bristle Brush 
  • Wheel & Tire Cleaning Brush
  • Effectively removes dirt and grime from tires, wheels, and wheel wells
  • Lightweight yet heavy duty block handle

Customer Reviews

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Roger Rivas
Extremely Versatile Brush

This brush right here ain't no joke. At first I was using it for my wheels and tires because it is soft enough to bend and flex around the lug nuts and stiff enough to bust down the grime on the tires. I then tried it out on the back hatch of my Blazer where the water flows around that hatch door. There was some untouched debris around the edges but this brush made light work of the buildup. 100% if this brush ever wears out I'm getting another one. This is a must have for any professional detailer's arsenal.

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