Curved Handle Fender Brush - AutoRenu
Curved Handle Fender Brush - AutoRenu

Curved Handle Fender Brush

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Super dense flagged-tip bristles trap and lift dirt, brake dust and road grime from car wheels automotive bodies effectively. Long curved and non-slip handle allows you clean the hard to access areas.

  • 18” Length Soft Dense Flagged-Tipped Bristles
  • Non-slip curved handle for comfortable scrubbing and cleaning
  • Ultra soft bristles are chemical, acid, and solvent resistant
  • Long handle allows easy reach into wheel and fender walls
  • Effectively removes dirt and grime 

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Sturdy & Versatile

The bristles of the brush are soft at the tips and firmer towards the base which allows me to agitate debris in the fender wells with ease. The long handle is sturdy and doesn’t flex much under pressure. It is lightweight and has an overall premium feel to it.

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