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TIRE RENU is a water based product formulated to bond deep into rubber and plastic surfaces for long lasting look and protection. Maximum adhesion, no sling, long lasting shine. Use as a tire, trim, plastic, vinyl, or rubber dressing. 

  • 16oz
  • Tire Dressing
  • Safe on all rubber, vinyl, plastic and trim Interior/Exterior surfaces 
  • Weather resistant protectant 
  • Professional Product 

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High Gloss Finish - No Sling

This is the best tire shine I’ve used, the shine lasts longer than a month and it doesn’t turn my tires brown when it does start to wear off. It does need time to cure to really achieve its full adhesion. I usually give it about 20 - 30 minutes to cure and that seems to be the sweet spot. If I’m going to leave it parked in the garage after the detail; I’ll apply a second coating after the first coat cures to really make those tires stand out.

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