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RENU Tire + Wheel Cleaner is a Non-Acid Foaming Tire & Wheel Cleaner, Safe on Clear Coated, Painted, Chrome, Polished, Powder Coated & Other OEM Wheel Finishes. 2 in 1 formula that eliminates brake dust, road grime, and debris from both Wheels and Tires surface.

  • 16oz
  • Tire + Wheel Cleaner 
  • Safe on all Tire & Wheel Finishes 
  • Non-Acid Cleaner
  • Professional Product 

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Customer Reviews

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Justin Cundiff
Great Product

Highly recommend this wheel/tire cleaner, works wonderfully. I have been going back and forth using different cleaners, trying to find the best. Came across this one so I gave it a try, I will have to say this one has worked the best and I will be buying more in the future.

Roger Rivas
I literally watch the dirt melt off my wheels

I look at my tires and think eh' they're not that dirty. Then it hit them with the RENU Tire + Wheel spray and I can see the chemicals activating. It's as if the product is penetrating the wheels and tires and extracting all of the grime that's stuck on. This is my favorite wheel cleaner on the market. After it has soaked in for about 2 minutes I pressure wash it off and hit the crevices with RENU's Spoke & Wheel Barrel Brush and the rims are showroom shiny and I didn't have to sit and scrub for 20-30 minutes per wheel. This stuff here is a time saver and it really makes detailing my car a breeze. Side note: It smells amazing.

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